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Research Positions for ICOM Student Doctors

Existing ICOM research projects in need of student doctor support will be listed here. Please refer to the ICOM Research Toolkit LibGuide for information on research mentor selection and topic formation.

Dr. Stephanie Child - Anatomy Research Program

Project Title: Anatomy Research Program

Application Window: March 1 - March 31, 2023

Positions Available: 10 [OMS-I (summer) as they transition to OMS-II (fall)]

Project Description: Ten incoming OMS-II student doctors will be selected to work on one of several research projects focusing on anatomical variation. Student researchers will collect a combination of qualitative and quantitative data from the cadaveric donors during the Gross Anatomy course that are relevant to larger research inquiries. Student researchers will be participating in every step of the research projects, including the literature review, data analysis, and write-up of the data. Results will be presented at local and/or national conferences and submitted for publication.  This research program provides students with a unique opportunity to be involved in an ongoing research project on a timeline compatible with their studies. Students will contribute to a multi-year project to build robust data sets for advancing anatomical knowledge and eventual publications and presentations.

Requirements: 1) Register for and complete all requirements of the Research Independent Study 9001 for summer and fall semesters of 2023 (~40 hours per semester) 2) Complete the CITI training module "Responsible Conduct of Research" 3) Sign and return the "Researcher Agreement and Waiver Form" 4) Present findings of the study at ICOM's Research Day

Timing: Student research assistants will meet with the respective faculty principle investigator of the study to complete a relevant literature review during Summer 2023 (~40 hours). Data collection will be collected from cadaveric donors dissected during the Fall 2023 Gross Anatomy course (~40 hours). Data analysis and write-up will begin Spring 2024, or after data has been collected, under the guidance of the PI.

Selection Criteria: to be determined.

Contact Information: Dr. Stephanie Child (

Dr. Mike Mitov - Design Your Own Mentored Research Grant Project

Project Title: Design Your Own Mentored Research Grant Application & Project

Application Window: November 1 - December 31 annually

Positions Available: 2 (current OMSI and OMSII student doctors)

Description: Develop your own Mentored Research Grant (MRG) application with my help in the area of muscle and bone biology, cancer, cellular bioenergetics, free radicals, and oxidative stress. The MRG allows a student or group of students to be mentored by ICOM faculty in a research project and provides up to $3,000 in wages and $3,000 in material and supply costs. The MRG application is written by the student in collaboration with the faculty member. It is intended that awardees spend the bulk of their time on the project during the summer between the 1st and 2nd years of medical school, but the grant period runs into the early spring of the following year if the work needs to be performed or completed after the summer.

Requirements: At least 3-6 months of previous experience in biomedical research setting.

Time Commitment: My expectation for your time/efforts could be grouped into 3 stages: The first stage (prior submission deadline) - meet and work with me 5-10 hours a month to develop your idea, craft your proposal and get ready for submission. The second stage (if funded) - spent time in the summer months between years I and II on completing the proposed research plan (~10-20 hrs a week). Become a master in various methods of laboratory-based research. Perform experiments, collect and analyze data, troubleshoot, and communicate your research outcomes and ideas with other students or the general scientific community. The third stage (toward the end of the 3rd semester) - prepare an abstract, poster, or manuscript that will report your findings from stages II and expand the study in new directions that could be become a larger project or grant application. The anticipated time needed for this part is 2-5hr a week during the 3rd semester. 

Selection Criteria: Looking for the best mix of enthusiasm and experience.

Contact Information: Please get in touch with Dr. Mitov directly through ICOM email (

Additional Information: Please read the eligibility requirements, compliance and reporting requirements, tax implications, and review criteria carefully. These are all posted on the website ( If you have additional questions, please reach out to Dr. Mitov directly.

Dr. Mike Wells - Bioinformatics and Health Informatics

Project Title: Bioinformatics and/or Health Informatics Meta-Analysis

Application Window: February 20th - March 20th annually

Positions Available: 2 (any class year)

Content Focus: Biomedical and/or Clinical Data Analysis

Requirements: Interest in these fields. We can discuss topic selection. No programming knowledge, experience, or interest needed.

Timing: Projects can be largely completed during a summer of full-time work or in small chunks of time (5 hours/week) over a year.

Selection Criteria: Successful candidates will be selected from all applicants through evaluation of answers to this question: Why is this the right research opportunity for you?

Contact Information: Send me an email ( expressing your interest.


Ms. Montgomery - What is Research? (Qualitative Study)

Project Title: The attitudes and perceptions of osteopathic medical students towards research

Project Type: Qualitative or mixed-methods

Application Window: Fall 2021

Positions Available: 2

Content Focus: Using surveys and interviews to understand what research means to osteopathic medical students

Requirements: No specific requirements- just an interest in the topic and qualitative research 

Timing: Fall 2021 to June 2022

Selection Criteria: If you email me or contact me and have an interest in reading articles and coding transcripts, I'll take you!

Contact Information: Send me an email ( expressing your interest

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